Investment Process

Investment Sourcing

a. Loan Brokers
b. Mortgage Brokers
c. Auctioneers
d. Banks
e. Conduits
f. Insurance Companies
g. Special Servicers
i. Private Sellers

Asset Analysis

a. Preliminary Screening
b. Financial/ Sensitivity Analysis
c. Competitive Property/ Market Analysis
d. Property Inspection
e. Market Interviews
f. Pricing Analysis

Investment Committee

a. Prepare Investment Memo
b. Discussion of asset quality
c. Underwriting Analysis
d. Development of Exit Strategies
e. Final Pricing

Due Diligence

a. Assign legal counsel
b. Review of legal and financial documentation
c. Formulate specific strategy for the asset
d. Funding options
e. Initial Deposit
f. Final Funding

Asset Management

a. Developing business plan to handle borrower/asset issues
b. Refine business and capital investment plan
c. Regular meetings to discuss progress of asset
d. Refine exit strategies
e. Investor reporting