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Why Invest with Edgewood Capital?

Robust Underwriting

We focus on bottom up investing in each deal. Edgewood identifies the strengths and risks of each deal through an analysis of the property’s financials, quality of the property, dynamics of the local market, and experience of the sponsors.

Alignment of Interests

We close each deal on our balance sheet, and invest alongside any participants in the deal.

Strong Track Record

We have closed over 60 deals since 2010, amounting to over $400 million. Twenty-eight of these deals have been realized.

Deal Flow

Edgewood has access to many “off market” opportunities presented by our extensive network of industry relationships.

Solid Returns

Accredited investors can earn returns that range from 8-12% on real estate investments.

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Track Record

We have a demonstrated ability to perform. Edgewood has closed over 60 deals totalling $300 million since 2010.


Founded in 2002, we have a deal team averaging over 20 years of experience closing complex real estate transactions.


We have the capital to deliver on our commitment. We can close deals on the balance sheet prior to any syndication efforts.