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Tom McDevitt
Founder & Managing Partner
Tom McDevitt
Michael House - Managing Director & Partner
Managing Director & Partner
Michael House
Christopher Whittleton - Managing Director, Originator
Managing DirectorOriginations
Christopher Whittleton
Janet Silbert - Controller
Director of Accounting and Controller
Janet Silbert
Tammy Pendergast - Servicing Manager
Director of Loan Servicing
Tammy Pendergast
Raymond McGowan - Director of Operations
Director of Operations
Raymond McGowan
Christopher Odyniec - Director of Investor Relations
Director of Investor Relations
Christopher Odyniec
Tom Ferrell - Vice President, Originator
Vice PresidentOriginations
Tom Ferrell
Mike Doherty - Vice President, Originator
Vice PresidentOriginations
Michael Doherty
Michael Galante
Vice PresidentOriginations
Michael Galante
Joe Giovannoli - Vice President, Underwriting
Vice PresidentUnderwriting
Joe Giovannoli
Jesse Nomack
Senior Accountant
Jesse Nomack
Kyle Savino
Kyle Savino
Suzanne Salamone - Accounting Associate
Accounting Associate
Suzanne Salamone
Hermione Illaire
Loan Servicing Associate
Hermione Illaire
George Still - Independent Advisor
Independent Advisor
George Still
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Independent Advisor
Buck Burnaman

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