Bridge Loans

Bridge Loans

Edgewood Capital’s Bridge Lending Program specializes in tailoring creative financing solutions to the varied, and often complex, needs of its borrowers. Edgewood’s bridge loans are designed to assist property owners in financing commercial real estate assets or borrowers in transition that do not meet conventional underwriting criteria. Edgewood also funds loans that could qualify for traditional financing options, but require a quicker closing (as short as two weeks) and/or a flexible loan structure.

As a direct bridge lender, Edgewood originates, holds, and services all of its loans, providing borrowers with high-quality customer service and surety of execution. To submit a bridge loan request, please contact us by phone or email, or by clicking below to request a call back from one of our professionals.

Loan Size$2 million – $40 million
Geographic RegionNationwide and the Caribbean
Property TypesAll Property Types, including: Multifamily, Office, Industrial, Retail, Mixed-Use, Hospitality, Industrial Outdoor Storage, Special Use, Luxury Residential, and Land Development
CollateralFirst Mortgage position and/or Assignment of the first mortgage loan + other collateral loan documents
LeverageGenerally, up to 75% LTV; Higher leverage may be considered on a deal-specific basis
Term12 -36 Months with one to two 12-month extensions options
Interest RateFloating, starting at SOFR + 475bps
Origination Fee1%-2% of the loan amount
RecoursePartial or Non-recourse available
Closing15 to 30 days

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