Investment Strategies

Edgewood Focuses on Three Sectors of Commercial Real Estate Investment

Origination of Loans

Edgewood provides senior and mezzanine debt for special situations including: quick closings, recapitalizations of distressed situations, and flexible capital for the execution of value add strategies.

Acquisition/Financing of Distressed Debt

Edgewood will both acquire and finance the acquisition of distressed debt.

Direct and Preferred Equity Investments

Edgewood will invest alongside real estate entrepreneurs as preferred or GP equity. Edgewood will also invest directly into projects.

Interested in working with Edgewood?

Whether you’re an ambitious real estate entrepreneur seeking innovative funding or an investor hungry for rewarding opportunities, Edgewood Capital is your bridge to success. We conduct business with the utmost professionalism and a commitment to excellence, ensuring that your journey in the world of real estate is nothing short of exceptional.

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