Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

Edgewood offers various products, including bridge loans, fixed-rate loans, note-on-note financing, mezzanine loans, preferred equity solutions, loan acquisitions, property acquisitions, and investing opportunities.

How quickly can you close?

Edgewood can provide financing as little as 14 days.

Will you finance distressed/unperforming properties?

Yes, Edgewood will finance distressed/underperforming real estate assets. Edgewood is a strong source of capital for value-add real estate opportunities.

Do you offer fixed rate loans, and if so, what are the terms?

Yes, Edgewood offers a fixed rate product for stabilized real estate assets. Terms range from 3-5 years, $10-$50 million, 18-36 months minimum interest, full term I/O. Click here for more information.

Do you offer recourse or non-recourse financing options?

This varies on a deal-by-deal basis, but most of our loans we finance are non-recourse with standard carve-outs.

Do you lend to individuals?

No, in order to qualify for a loan with Edgewood, you must be a limited liability company or corporation.

Are you a direct lender?

Yes, Edgewood is a direct lender.

What are your lending limits?

$2,000,000 — $40,000,000

What is the maximum loan-to-value (LTV) ratio you require?

Varies by property type. In general max leverage is 75% of property value.

Do you work with brokers?

Yes, most of Edgewood’s loans are sourced from brokers.

Interested in working with Edgewood?

Whether you’re a real estate entrepreneur seeking a custom capital solution or a seasoned investor looking for high yielding, secured exposure to real estate, Edgewood Capital could be the right source for you. Our team builds lasting partnerships by approaching every opportunity with unwavering professionalism and a commitment to excellence. Contact us today to learn how Edgewood’s programs can help you achieve your long-term financial objectives.

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